Internship at Colorbleed

From 1.April until 31.August I was doing an internship at Colorbleed Studios in Utrecht, Netherlands.

When I arrived the guys from Colorbleed were in the middle of the animation of the second episode of Mac 'n' Cheese.

Nearly all of the scenes of Mac 'n' Cheese Supermarket were roughly blocked and I was able to start directly with animating. I learned alot in animation. Before the internship I only had some experience in animating calm scenes but this was an action therapy ;)

After Mac 'n' Cheese Supermarket was done. Roy Nieterau gave me an introduction to programming in Python. For the purpose of learning we created small scripts like the game of life and more. Then we also created useful animation tools. The user interfaces were done in PyQt4.

Then we decided to create a tool for corrective blendshapes. I was not really aware of how big this would get and so we just started writing and writing. Roy wrote the main function in C++ and I built all the functions and the interface around it. It was good to have someone sitting close by, who can help out if you are really stuck (...again). We thought alot about nice features and how to make it as simple and understandable for the user as possible.

The tool is not yet finished, because my internship was over too quickly. But most of the work is done and we will definately finish it soon.

At the moment I have alot to do, because my last semester at the Mediadesign Hochschule starts and I have to put all my concentration on the Bachelor Thesis.



IAMLIGHT in the Digital Production

Two of my team members (Wiebke Sprenger and Luigi Pisciotta) wrote an article for the Digital Production about building a renderfarm in V-Ray and the integration of Shave and Haircut.

You can find it in the May 2013 edition from the pages 94-101.




Our short film IAMLIGHT is online! You can find it under Portfolio.

It is about a little boy - a hero.

We worked hard to get it done before everyone leaves for the internship.

I hope you like it.




Pixar Austellung in Bonn - 25 Years of Pixar Animation Art Exhibition

In December, my fellow students and I went to the Pixar Exhibition in Bonn.

It was a day of pure amazement. Videos, paintings, drawings and sculpts (copies of the real ones) of the famous characters were presented to us. The work was so fascinating.

I would have loved nothing better, than taking everything with me and squirrel it away in my flat.

There was also a zoetrope with some of the Pixar characters.

This is a video about the Zoetrope and how it works. You can jump to 1:05.


Hello World!

I am proud to launch my new website!

You can find my Showreel and some short films under "Portfolio".

Anna Kriegl